Leh to Jispa Travelling

Day 1 Leh-Jispa:
Despite all the preparedness Tangalang on 16th Sept morning was toughest part of Day 1
While going to Leh we crossed Tanglangala around 2 pm…it was very cold and started snowing at the top so we had an idea that it’s gonna be tough. On 16th during K2K ride we had to cross Tangalang La around 8:30 am…the cold was unbearable even 10 KMS before Tanglang La…when we saw icicles for the first time…
Later we came to know that it was -4°(felt like -8°C) when we crossed Tanglangala La. There are hardly 4-5 dhaba stops on the entire route till Jispa so the stops anyways had to be minimum on day 1.
The roads from Pang- Jispa are bad with bed of stones and pebbles and the difficulty level doubled with a pillion.
The terrains were familiar as I crossed them barely a week ago so after crossing all the passes again we reached Jispa around 6:15 pm comfortably after 12 hours of ride.

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