Hyderabad – Bangalore travel

Hyderabad – Bangalore

After bearing bone chilling cold, snow, scorching sun it was time for some rain showers.
As I have done Hyderabad – Bangalore earlier as well I knew the roads are pretty good on this stretch and thought of starting early from Hyderabad.
We started around 8:00 am but it took 2.5 hours in Hyderabad traffic and incessant rains to cross Hyderabad and touch Bangalore highway. We took just one break since we started  from Hyderabad and reached Ananthpur around 4pm. Though it was getting tougher and tougher but the excitement of entering Bangalore after 12 days kept us going. It rained heavily on few stretches from Ananthpur to Bangalore and then it was turn of Bangalore traffic to trouble us.
I had called Thomson(Apt Bike Point) a friend and my technician for the ride to just have a look at the bike when I enter Bangalore. We had a tea together and with a smile that he always has on his face he said ” It’s R15 that you could manage till here in this condition of the engine…don’t worry ride the same way and you’ll reach your Destination safely tomorrow”. We reached Electronic city around 12:30 and decided to take a 5 hours nap at home.

Day 7 Bangalore-Kanyakumari

I never doubted my bike but my confidence on the bike increased further as it had done around 1700 KMS already in that condition. We started early morning from Bangalore and somehow I felt the bike came to know that it’s our last day of the ride. The performance improved a lot and with confidence I started riding  90-100 on the last day. It was 4:30 pm and Kanyakumari was still 180 KMS when we stopped near Virudhunagar for a quick tea. I had plans to see the sunset of 22nd December in Kanyakumari but it rained heavily at few streches near before entering Kanyakumari and sunset happened when Kanyakumari was still around 50 KMS.
Finally around 7:50 we reached the petrol pump of Kanyakumari to take the last receipt of our K2K ride.
I almost had tears in my eyes on reaching Kanyakumari and the first thing after completing the dream ride was kissing my wife and kissing my bike!

And that’s how our K2K dream ride withering snow, scorching heat, rains, bad roads, black ice, slushy water crossings 12 states and 4000 KMS was completed on 22nd Sept 7:57 pm.

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